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4 Simple Tips to Achieve Weight Loss

You Can Lose Weight with These Simple Tips

If you’re having trouble losing weight, the chances are that you’re doing it wrong, and wasting all your effort on the wrong weight loss methods. If what you’re doing isn’t working, perhaps you should ditch it. There are easier ways to achieve weight loss without too much effort.



In fact, a few easy-to-follow lifestyle changes can make a mountain of difference on your weight. Here are four surprisingly undemanding tips that you can keep in mind to lose weight:

1.    Use smaller plates and utensils.

Psychology plays a huge part on our feeding habits as humans. You can take control of your cravings by taking advantage of the way your mind controls appetite.

To reduce the amount of food you eat, place them on smaller dishes. Small plates not only limit the quantity of food you take but also make food portions appear larger. This tricks your mind into believing that you have consumed much more food than you really have, thus effectively curbing appetite and controlling food intake.

Small spoons and forks have the same effect. By handling food with smaller utensils, the food pieces will look bigger to you, giving your mind the signal to take less.

2.    Don't skip meals.

When you skip a meal, it only makes you crave for more food during the next meal. It’s also unhealthy because it disrupts your digestive process and causes hyperacidity. You might end up with stomach ulcers if you skip meals often.

Studies show that regular meals help control cravings in between mealtimes, and that a regular food intake pattern makes a person less likely to binge when eating. Small, regular meals keep your appetite at bay, while skipping a meal and starving yourself only makes you eat more at the next feeding.

3.  Get your rest - sleep 7 to 8 hrs each night.

Sleep is an important element of weight loss. Stress contributes to weight gain by causing you to binge on your food consumption, so keeping yourself well-rested by getting enough sleep is essential.

In addition, the recommended 8 hours of sleep helps to regulate the release of ghrelin. Ghrelin is a gastrointestinal hormone that stimulates appetite. The lack of proper sleep causes ghrelin levels to increase, contributing to weight gain.

 4.  Weigh yourself daily.

If you weigh yourself every day, you will be able to monitor your weight and progress. It also makes you more weight-conscious and motivated to lose weight as you see the results of your daily efforts.

Numerous studies show that, among people who are in a weight loss program, those who check their daily weight lose more weight than those who check less often.

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