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4 Weight Loss Tips That Are Surprisingly Simple but Effective

Weight Loss Can Be Easy to Achieve With These Simple Tips

People want to lose weight for different reasons. Some do it for aesthetic reasons, some for health reasons. But whatever the motivation, losing weight often appears to be quite a struggle. While there are times when weight loss can be a climb up Mount Everest, in reality, it can be really simple.



Not all weight loss methods are as radical as surgery, medication, or boot camp. A simple change in lifestyle will suffice in most cases. In fact, with minimal effort and at no cost, you can try these 4 easy steps to start living a healthier lifestyle and achieve weight loss:

 1.  Cut your food into small pieces.

Sometimes, you have to trick your mind into believing that you are eating more than you really are. This helps you regulate the amount of food you take in, and facilitate weight loss by preventing weight gain.

By slicing food into smaller portions, you can decrease how much you eat. Human psychology makes us believe that food is more in quantity when it is cut up. When a piece of meat is cut up, the pile of sliced meat appears bigger than the original, whole and uncut piece.

2.  Don't shop hungry.

One of the worst things you can do when you are trying to lose weight is to go out for groceries while you are hungry. When you shop hungry, your cravings can take over. You tend to take more than you need when you are hungry because your hunger clouds your judgment.

Go shopping when you are full, and you will find that you have a clearer mind for buying and making healthier choices. Instead of grabbing mindlessly for a bag of chips, you will be more likely to stick to your diet. Shoppers who buy their groceries on an empty stomach are bound to choose more high-calorie products, while those who shop satiated are inclined towards low-calorie foods.

3.  Keep a food journal.

There are many benefits for keeping a food journal or diary. It helps you remember what you eat and provides a great future reference for planning out your diet. By recording your eating habits, you can determine what foods you eat a lot of, and decide what foods you need to eat that aren’t yet included in your current diet.

A food journal also helps keep you on track regarding your weight loss regimen. It raises your awareness of your eating activities. You eat more when you are not conscious of the act of eating, so by keeping a food diary, you are allowing yourself to be more aware of how much you are consuming per meal.

4.  Have a weekly cheat day.

Dieting is an ordeal for most people because it’s difficult to control your eating habits. It can take a toll on one’s determination to keep a daily routine of battling with one’s appetite.

Having a cheat day is a great way to refuel your determination. Have a weekly one; so that you can have something to focus on when you are feeling tempted to binge. Treat it like a day off, a break from your weight loss regimen so you can regain the necessary determination to keep going further.

It will do wonders for your cravings if you regularly set one day a week for you to enjoy some junk food. You will be less tempted to stray from your diet for the rest of the week because you have a weekly cheat day for that.

Efforts to lose weight don’t have to be expensive or difficult to maintain. Sometimes, it can just be a matter of modifying little things in your daily life to eat healthier, be more active, and have a more weight-conscious approach  towards daily activities.

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