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4 Simple and Easy-to-Follow Tips for Weight Loss

Losing Weight Can Be As Simple As These Easy Tips

Contrary to popular belief, losing weight doesn’t have to be such a challenge. Sure, there are radical methods like surgery and drugs, but there are actually lots of simpler ways to lose weight without resorting to drastic measures.



Weight loss can be achieved with 4 simple tips that you won’t find hard to follow:

1.  Brush your teeth after meals.

A clever way to curb your appetite is to brush your teeth after meals. Because we habitually brush our teeth as a sign that we are finished eating, psychologically, brushing helps control food cravings in between meals.

Also, the taste of toothpaste has shown effects as a deterrent for food cravings, especially peppermint-flavored toothpaste. Peppermint extract has been reported to help curtail appetite.

2.    Move around while watching TV or listening to music.

A strenuous workout routine may be the answer for some people, but it doesn’t have to be the standard for everyone. If you can’t commit to a regular exercise plan, you can still do something to burn off those extra calories.

Minimal physical activity does very little for weight loss, but increasing their frequency makes all the difference. You don’t have to do much, as long as you keep your body active often. This can be done by moving around while doing things instead of just sitting or lying down idly.

When you’re watching television, you can do some stretches. Do a silly dance whenever you’re listening to music. Even while you’re reading a book, you can pace back and forth. Any random activity that keeps your body moving, when done regularly, helps burn calories.

3.    Don't drink calories.

What does “drinking your calories” mean? Well, calories are present in both food and beverages, so if you’re trying to lose weight, you should monitor both. With solid food, it’s relatively easy to do that, because when you’re putting food in your mouth and chewing it, you’re aware of just how much you’re taking in.

Beverages, however, are a different story. Often, people lose track of how many calories they drink because it usually doesn’t feel like much, but you can end up with a huge calorie intake from soft drinks, smoothies and beers. Drink water, instead. It keeps you hydrated, minus the extra calories.

4.  Eat 5 smaller meals instead of 3 big ones.

The best way to keep your cravings in check is to make sure that you are always satisfied. In between meals, your appetite starts to build up, and the longer you go without eating, the more your appetite increases. By your next meal, you’re already famished and it’ll be hard to control how much you take in.

Make your meals more frequent to shorten the intervals where your appetite builds. 5 meals a day keeps you constantly satisfied. You won’t stuff yourself at the next meal because of hunger. As a result, you will be consuming less food per meal. When it all adds up, you will be eating less with 5 small meals as opposed to 3 big ones by never allowing your appetite to kick in and tempt you to binge.

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