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6 Practical Uses of Triphala

Adult and juvenile obesity is on the rise.  The problem is not isolated to the USA.  All over the world, this unhealthy excess weight is recognized as a modern epidemic, causing health professionals to scramble for solutions.  Despite the current crisis, fat-fighting remedies have been available for centuries.  One of the oldest herbal remedies that is still widely used today is from the ancient healing tradition of India, Ayurveda.

When your intent is not only to lose weight but also to improve your overall health, there are only a handful of weight loss products for you to choose from. But perhaps one of the most multifaceted in terms of health benefits is Triphala, a traditional Ayurvedic herbal mixture. It is the powdered combination of three fruits that have very useful medicinal properties on their own: Amla (Emblica officinalis), Harada (Terminalia chebula), and Behada(Terminalia belerica).

Amla, Behada, and Harada are individually chock-full of health benefits themselves. The combination of these three as triphala therefore only makes for a stronger herbal preparation that acts with the joined qualities of the three herbs.

1.     For Obesity

As a weight loss supplement, triphala helps reduce the amount of fat in the body. It cleanses the body and improves digestion, which greatly helps in losing weight. It also reduces the cholesterol levels in the bloodstream.

2.    For Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is caused by a malfunction in the pancreas resulting in a lack of insulin, which regulates blood sugar levels. Triphala has shown positive results in stimulating pancreatic function.

3.    Against Worms and Infections

Its antiviral and antibacterial qualities enable triphala to combat infections. In cases of worm infestation, it acts by expelling the worms from the intestines.

4.    For Constipation and Indigestion

Triphala has laxative properties which does wonders for people with digestive problems. It also aids in peristalsis, which is the wavelike motion that facilitates intestinal flow.

5.    As An Antioxidant

Triphala contains antioxidants that help against the effects of aging. Free radical formation causes aging, and triphala regulates cell metabolism to prevent the formation of free radicals.

6.    As An Immunomodulator

Another great thing about triphala is its ability to boost immunity. It enhances the body’s resistance to diseases by promoting antibody production and strengthening the immune response.

An excellent source of vitamin C, triphala also helps cure other health conditions like anemia, skin problems, pulmonary congestion, and has even shown promise in the treatment of cancer. All in all, Triphala is a great dietary supplement for weight loss that comes with many extra benefits for the improvement of an individual’s general health.  Now available in a convenient capsule form, Triphala is an age-old solution for a modern epidemic.