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Phytoceramides: The Solution for Aging Skin?

While the body undergoes lots of changes with the aging process, it is usually the skin out of all the organs that people notice first. We see slight changes in skin color and texture, and we often immediately think of aging. Humans are vain beings, and our society sees aging as something to avoid. We place a huge amount of importance on appearances and on how we look both to ourselves and to other people. It is therefore not a surprise that the pursuit of younger-looking skin and prevention of the emergence of signs of aging is a million-dollar business. The market for products that help people achieve these objectives is a booming industry, and the search for the best anti-aging methods is as competitive of a business as ever. In this constant search for the most effective skin care products to prevent aging, phytoceramides are among the best in the market. Why? How do they work? What can you expect to gain if you use them? Here are the answers.

What Phytoceramides Are

The human body has natural lipids that keep the skin hydrated and healthy. These lipids are called ceramides, and unfortunately, they decrease in amount as the body ages. This depletion of ceramides is partly the reason for the emergence of some of the most common signs of skin aging: wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. The solution to this shortage of natural ceramides is to supplement the body with ceramides derived from plants, called phytoceramides. The Japanese have been using them for centuries, and in the last ten years, supplemental phytoceramides in capsule form have finally been approved in the United States by the FDA.

How They Work

Simply put, phytoceramides take over the job that natural ceramides are unable to perform. Because ceramides in the body are depleted, the skin becomes dehydrated and begins to age. Phytoceramides corrects that problem by restoring the skin to a healthier state, thereby decreasing the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles.

What You Gain

When you take phytoceramides as dietary health supplements, you are essentially replenishing the declining amount of ceramides in your skin. These phytoceramide capsules, once digested and absorbed, will fill in the missing ceramides in the body and then rejuvenate the skin. What this does is basically moisturize the skin layers and restore skin tissue health. With healthier, better-hydrated skin, you’ll be rid of wrinkles and lines. Phytoceramides can be an excellent solution to skin aging and are safer than most anti-aging techniques like surgery and other invasive procedures. These supplements are a great addition to any skin care regimen and can definitely help you achieve younger-looking, healthier skin.