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NO2 Supplements: Benefits Of L-Arginine

Nitric Oxide has been found to be quite beneficial to the human body. Various uses include increasing endurance and strength, increasing gastric motility, reducing inflammation, and increasing the recognition of the senses, especially smell. These uses all underline the importance of this compound.

So, how does one get this useful oxide in his or her body? Exercise is one such way of increasing the intake of Nitric Oxides in your body. Eating foods rich in nitrates can also be useful. A good NO2 booster is called L-Citrulline. It usually goes to the kidneys, and the converts to an amino acid called Arginine, which increases the production of Nitric Oxides. Another main way of increasing Nitric Oxide intake is through the chemical known as L-Arginine. It is the most common NO2 supplement, and thus it has many useful functions in the body.

In addition to the importance of L-Arginine, it is also important to understand its uses. First of all, the fact that L-Arginine aids in increasing the production of Nitric Oxides means that it is a good enhancer in vasodilation. Vasodilation means the widening of blood vessels. This property makes it useful for people who suffer from heart ailments, the most common of these being blood pressure, as it can dilate arteries that may be clogged.

Another use, which cannot be ignored, is the role it plays in improving sexual performance, especially in men. For men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, it can mean that their vessels are clogged, or even aged. L-Arginine helps in producing Nitric oxides that lead to better blood circulation to sexual organs, which means better erections, and thus, a better sexual performance.

L-Arginine also aids in producing creatine, which is a chemical that aids in improving muscle mass and power. This amino acid is usually helpful for body-builders, and is usually a recommended supplement for them. In addition to the production of creatine, it also aids in the excretion of creatinine - a waste product associated with creatine.

Other uses are less common, including being an effective pain killer when used with other supplements. For instance, L-Arginine is usually used with other over-the-counter drugs, such as ibuprofen, to relieve migraine headaches. With other conventional chemotherapy medicines, it is also useful in reducing infections and facilitating healing in wounds.

Finally, though it has numerous benefits, it's important to remember that precautions should be taken while using L-Arginine. For instance, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should avoid it. People who have had a heart attack, those who are scheduled to have surgery in two weeks or less, or even those with low blood pressure should avoid it. Always speak with your doctor before taking any supplements, to avoid any complications.

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