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What is L-Arginine and Who Can Benefit?

According to the definition provided by a popular medical website,, “L-arginine is a chemical building block called “an amino acid.” It is naturally obtained from the diet and is necessary for the body to make proteins.” L-arginine's popularity is steadily increasing, and there appears to be a wide range of uses and applications for this naturally occurring compound, all with very favorable benefits.

According to some of the studies referenced by, individuals with CHF (congestive heart failure), high blood pressure, and other coronary diseases are among those cited who may receive the most benefit from this supplement. Other conditions frequently treated with L-arginine include leg pain, dementia, erectile dysfunction, and male infertility.

Other uses, such as common cold prevention, high blood pressure, "improving athletic performance, boosting the immune system, and preventing inflammation of the digestive tract in premature infants” have also been cited with positive results.

L-arginine, in combination with other OTC, prescription medications, no2 supplements, and amino acids, is also being prescribed in the treatment of migraine headaches, as well as controlling weight loss in AIDS patients. According to the source, when combined with other supplements, it is used "for reducing infections, improving wound healing, and shortening recovery time after surgery.”

L-arginine is naturally converted in the body into nitric oxide (NO2), a chemical compound that causes blood vessels to expand, thereby increasing blood flow. According to, “When the blood vessels dilate, they allow more blood, oxygen and nutrients to flow to the organs and muscles. This also allows for the efficient removal of waste products” from the human body. Some topical uses include application to the skin by diabetic patients to increase blood flow to hands and feet. L-arginine has been shown to stimulate insulin production and growth hormones (HGH).

“Scientists around the world are working feverishly to increase our understanding of the nitric oxide in the human body. The results so far have been nothing short of astounding. Having already identified numerous incredible benefits related to increased blood, oxygen and nutrient flow, scientists are now doing research into the effect of nitric oxide on some of society’s most vexing health issues like diabetes,” according to Some of the symptoms associated with diabetes have shown great improvement by use of nitric oxide supplements.

The list of foods that contain L-arginine is endless. Nuts, dairy products, grass-fed meat, sesame and sunflower seeds, coconut, and seaweed are all rich in this product. Whole grains like oats, barley, buckwheat, and brown rice also contain considerable amounts of this substance.

The uses and applications of this “miracle molecule” are quickly expanding. A healthy diet is the most crucial factor in maintaining optimal health, and no amount of supplementation will ever be able to substitute for healthy food choices. The L-arginine supplement formulas and no2 booster vary widely, so choose carefully and find one that contains only natural sources, and has no artificial fillers or additives.

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